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Welcome to the Nourished Shop

Our Nourished Shop features some of our crowd favorites!

You can order and add onto your current meal plan or just order them independently. All Nourished Shop orders will be ready for collection Tuesdays between 4 - 6pm, or Wednesdays 9am-130pm at The Kitchen Duncan.

View our weekly menu to find out which Snacks, Over Night Oats , or Granola is available.

Nourished Platters

Our Nourished Platters live up to their reputation and will provide you and your guests a delicious smorgasbord for snacking.

Platters include local meats, cheeses, a selection of house made dips (olive tapenade and roasted beet + goat cheese hummus), red pepper jelly, French Sourdough bread, crackers, dark chocolate, seasonal fruits and veggies, edible flowers and herbs. 

We also offer Grazing Tables starting at $500.
Our Grazing Tables are the ultimate grazing appy table for any gathering. Contact us for a custom quote.