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About Brooklyn.

Working as a clinical nutritionist allowed me to see the desires of people to eat healthy and where there were gaps in allowing them to achieve this. Time was always one of the biggest barriers in people actually following through on their nutrition or health goals. That and not knowing where to start when it came to healthy eating and creating balanced meals. 


My goal as a nutritionist was always to get my client to where they wanted to be in a way that was sustainable and achievable. This worked well sometimes in one on one consults but often lack of time just kept getting in the way. There was no lack of desire to eat well but we all live hectic lives and spending time in the kitchen preparing homemade lunches just didn't work out for everyone.


That is where Nourished To-Go was born!

It was the bridge I had been dreaming of that connected the desire people had to eat well and the achievement of those goals.

It provided them a meal service where they felt confident they were eating wholesome healthy food. They could enjoy lunches or dinners everyday within minutes knowing their health was looked after without having to spend all the time in the kitchen. All of a sudden they were achieving their goals without having to sacrifice time. It was a win win for both my clients and myself.


I noticed quickly that the people who were enjoying Nourished Togo were reaping the same benefits often as one on one consultations but only having to pay for their food. As all of the nourished togo meals are backed by my nutritional education. I have always seen food as medicine and something that can either elevate our health or tear it down. What you put in your body matters. Nourished togo isn' t just ready to eat meals it is preventative medicine in food form. Perfectly balanced with all your macronutrients. free from all the nasty chemicals that wreak havoc on our system and most importantly brings CONSISTENT nutrition into your life and home. You have probably heard me say this a million times but consistency is key. So once you are signed up, sit back each week, relax and enjoy that fact that every week you will have nourishing meals ready for you to pick up!


I hope you enjoy Nourished Togo as a beautiful form of self care.


If you are more curious about working with me in my clinical practice please head over to and take a look around. You are always welcome in our community.

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